At Nate C. Lewis DDS, our mission is to provide the best dental care for patients in Sandy, Utah and the surrounding Salt Lake area. Quality dental care starts with healthy teeth, gums, bone, and proper hygiene. Unfortunately, even for our most diligent of patients, proper dental care can be difficult due to misaligned teeth. When your teeth can’t be properly cleaned, this puts you at greater risk of developing periodontal disease.
Healthy, straight teeth are easier to clean, accumulate less plaque, and get fewer cavities. Healthy teeth have healthier gums and bone that support the teeth. Healthier teeth have a proper bite and force distribution that reduce chipping, abnormal wear, and significantly reduce jaw issues. Healthy teeth look better and are also whiter.
From crowding, gaps, and overbites, more than 7 out of 10 American adults have some kind of misalignment with their bites. And since it’s hard to remove plaque and bacteria from misaligned teeth, cavities, receding gums, bone loss, and tooth loss can occur. Plus, misaligned teeth are one of the primary reasons for TMJ.
Woman holding SureSmile Aligners.
Fortunately, there is good news! To help get our patients achieve straighter and healthier teeth, we are unrolling our new Clear Aligners For Straight Smiles plan!
In addition to our competitive pricing, here are the main reasons you should have your smile treated at our office rather than at home with online smile plans.
  1. You will be under the personal care of Dr. Lewis from initial planning to case completion.
  2. The digital teeth scans or molds taken of your teeth will be professionally done at our office, ensuring proper fit of the aligners and predictable outcomes.
  3. Sometimes little tooth-colored attachments are needed to be bonded on certain teeth to help the aligners twist or pull on teeth to get them into proper positions.  This can only be done in a dental office.
  4. We offer multiple pricing options instead of one.

Here's How It Works

All you need to do is to come into the office for a complimentary consultation. Dr. Lewis will help select which plan is best for you based on the severity of misalignment. Pricing is determined on how many aligners will be needed to complete your case.
  • Less than 10 aligners (express case) $1850 paid in full or $500 down and $90 per month for 18 months ($2070)
  • 10-20 aligners (average case) $2450 pain in full or $600 down and $90 per month for 24 months ($2760)
Smiling woman with text "internet pricing under the direction of Dr. Lewis. As little as $84/mo"

Under the Clear Aligners For Straight Smiles plan, you’ll have fast and affordable dental care. Call for your consultation today!

*Must be 16 years old to qualify. Must have a credit card on file for monthly payments. Express case and Average case will be $30 per additional aligner if extra is needed. Lost aligners will be $40.

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